The D. Maria boots is our tribute to the first Queen of Portugal, D. Maria I.  Just like her, this boots holds a certain formality and feminine touch. But it is its elegant side which will make a statement amongst friends.

: Suede Leather Portuguese
: 270˚ Goodyear welt
: Fully lined with tan leather
: Genuine leather
: Genuine leather with rubber skate
: Genuine Stacked Leather with Vibram® Rubber Protector
: One pair of normal drawstring and one pair of satin drawstring

Maria was born on December 17, 1734 in the Paço da Ribeira, in Lisbon. She was the second daughter of D. José de Bragança, then Prince of Brazil, and his wife Mariana Vitória de Bourbon, Infanta de Espanha.

Her reign was of great legislative, commercial and diplomatic activity, in which can be highlighted the trade treaty that he signed with Russia in 1789. She developed culture and science, sending scientific missions to Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde. and Mozambique.

She founded several institutions, including the Royal Academy of Sciences of Lisbon and the Royal Public Library of the Court. As part of the assistance, she founded Casa Pia de Lisboa. He also founded the Royal Navy Academy for the training of Navy officers.

D. Maria’ "madness" but, at the same time, his nobility inspired us to create and design this boot design. They do not go out unnoticed while also remain discrete. It is this duality that makes your outfit so unique.

The D. Maria boot is a part of Alma Portuguesa new collection (portuguese soul), from which we intend to share the Portuguese heritage, through great Historic figures. 

Size Chart

SizeLength in cm
34 --22,3cm
35 -- 22,7cm
36 --23,3cm
37 --24cm
38 --24,7cm
39 --25,3cm
40 --26cm
41 --26,7cm

The D. Maria Boots

208,25 EUR
before: 245 EUR

Brand: walkest

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