Vincent Grimbergen

29 | 10 | 2019
Vincent Grimbergen

Vincent Grimbergen has accepted our challenge! Talked a little about yourself and your denim and boots passions

To begin with, tell us a little about your story, about your daily life.

V:  In daily life I work as an probation officer in The Hague. A very exciting job as I may say. Next to my working life I live together with my girlfriend in Leiden. Leiden is known as small Amsterdam due of the second largest canal system in the Netherlands. In my free time I like to go out for some good food and drinks with friends and family. since this year I Started to brew my own crafting beer together with my dad and a colleague. So far we had some great results and more is comming ;-) Oh and next to al the eating and drinking In workout in the gym to compent :-)

W: When did this passion for Denim begin?

V: The passion for denim actually started on the famous instagram. I bought a pair of Red Wing boots and started to follow some boot profiles. Soon I found out that selvedge denim is a great combination with boots. (At that time I had no clue what selvedge denim was). So trough the internet I started to deepen on the world of selvedge denim. Soon after I bought my first pair of selvedge jeans and got infected with the ‘blue virus.’

W: And the boots? What are the indispensable characteristics of a boot for you?

V: for me a boots must have a stylish and classic look. I love it
When boots come in fresh and they age trough time, like a pair of raw denim and get that rugged look. Every pair of boot for me tells a different story bye how its worn and where it has traveled. This gives your boot it’s own character

W: When it comes to dressing, do you choose clothes or shoes first?

V: when It come to dressing I choose my denim first and then I choose the boots for the right occasion. Sometimes more rugged and sometimes more classy look. 

W: Have you been using our THE GAMA BOOTS model, as has been the experience? 

V: I have been using the Gama boot for quit some time. What really special is about this boot, is that they feel comfortable right from the start. What I like about the boot is that they are stylish and rugged and are perfect combination with slim or taperd jeans. Best thing about this boot is that you can wear it in different styles. You can cover the upper part of the boot with the cuffs of your jeans and get a bit of the western look. But you can also roll up the cuffs of your jeans so you can get the real Chelsea look of the boot. That make the boot suitable for many type of combinations.

Like people, boots are made of stories, a legacy, a passion.
Thank you Vincent for this quick conversation and Welcome to the WALKEST Family

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