Avoid this mistake before you buy leather boots

13 | 07 | 2019
Avoid this mistake before you buy leather boots

When we buy leather boots, we want them to last as long as possible, because they get more and more comfortable over time (be patient and give them time for them to mold themselves to your feet).

One mistake that is very common when buying leather boots is size! It is a case to say that here size matters. If on one hand we do not want to have our feet too tight, on the other hand we also do not want our feet to "swim" inside the boots.

Leather boots are an investment for a lifetime, first because they are durable and can be reusable by replacing them with new soles, second because they are timeless and adapt to any fashion or style. We often compare to a car, if we take care of it they last much longer, we just need to do the proper maintenance.

So how to choose the right size?

- First of all we should not think that our number is 42 (for example) in all shoes. It is always up to the type of footwear, or rather the kind of shapes that are used for these footwear.

- Secondly, we must know that a leather boot, as it (not much is certain). That is, if we buy a boot that is loose for us, it will even widen, and the foot can be constantly walking out of the boot causing it to be bad and even injured.

- Thirdly, check always the size guide, and if ask us to measure the foot we should do it with the type of socks we usually use.

There is nothing better than having comfortable feet be it winter or summer, for areas with high rainfall Goodyear Welt leather boots will be your best friends. On one side they are waterproof, on the other they allow yours to breathe.

Our boots are manufactured in a handmade way, by artisans in a small region of the country, Benedita. Check our size guide and find out what your ideal size. Our Alma Portuguesa collection arrives on July 15

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