5 Ways To Wear Stylish Boots

17 | 07 | 2019
5 Ways To Wear Stylish Boots

Boots are high in any masculine style.

We know there are no rules in men's fashion. So we left our suggestions to match your boot.

Jeans + Jeans + Boots
It is one of the perfect combinations to wear with boots.

You can wear a denim jacket with jeans (which may even be of a different shade)

Leather jacket + Boots
It's almost a cliché, we have in our closet a leather jacket! Where here you can wear either with a blue jeans, or a twill trousers or farm

Blazer + Boots
You can combine your boots with a shirt and a blazer (with vest stays show too)

And so you can have a more formal Look, but you put your irreverence.

The boot will be the highlight of your look

Chess shirt + Boots
If you wear a plaid shirt with blue jeans, bet on the boot! Forget about tennis. The boot will be your differentiating element.

You can also wear it with black pants. TIP: If the trousers are a little squeeze, fold a little to make your boots stand out.

For colder days the best combination is:

Overall + Boots
Besides being great for the winter, our tip is to leave the pants inside the boot

This winter look is versatile both for an outing of friends and for work.

Enjoy to see our collection of men's boots

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