Blake Vs GoodYear Welt

We often talk about the difference in the construction of a boot. In our case, we have the example of Originals Boots and all the models in the Portuguese Soul collection

Our Original boots are produced with the Blake construction.

With this construction, a boot becomes lighter and more flexible. That flexibility is because it has fewer layers, which also results in a more discreet welt.

Because it’s simpler, it’s cheaper — but it’s harder to resole because you need a specific Blake machine to do so. It’s also less water resistant because it allows direct access to the foot from the exterior.

Our Portuguese Soul collection are produced with the GoodYear welt construction.

The two-level stitching makes it incredibly easy to resole a goodyear welted shoe. Because the welt acts as a buffer between the insole and the outsole, removing the old sole and attaching a new one can be done by machine or by hand and without a specific machine. The extra layers make the shoe more water resistant and supportive.

Because of the additional materials and labor required, a goodyear welted shoe is more expensive. The extra layers that provide more structure come at the cost of flexibility .