About Us

Walkest: the early years

It was the year of 2017.

I was 23 and my mother had died from cancer a few months before.
My lost made me rethink about my life choices and what I wanted to do with the time I had left. I learned in the hardest way that time is, indeed, our most precious possession. And I decided I would spend all my time doing what really makes me happy.

My father was a craftsman.
My happiest memories always take me back to my childhood, either discovering Portuguese towns and regions with him or walking in the river side in the Forest with her.

I decided my life project would be a tribute to my parents.
I dropped my University studies – I was attending Genetics and Biotechnology – and went back to my hometown to create what would become Walkest.
For some people it’s a brand. For me, it’s my story, the representation of my happy memories: the crafts and the nature combined.

Our Vision

Our vision is to showcase the traditional and unique craftsmanship of Portuguese shoemakers, who have honed their skills over generations. We believe that these boots represent a combination of exceptional quality, comfort, and style, making them not just footwear, but a work of art.

Our goal is to make handmade Portuguese boots accessible to a wider audience while preserving the traditional methods and materials used in their creation. By promoting these boots, we hope to support the livelihoods of Portuguese shoemakers and keep this cherished tradition alive for future generations.